Why invest in InfiniTime 7.0?

* Save Time & $$$$

* Increase Productivity

* Real-Time Polling

* Auto Calculation

* Reduce Time Theft

* Track Benefits

* Crystal Reports

* Auto Email Reports

* Store Personnel Files

* Role Based Security

* Spot Trends/Patterns

* Free Payroll Export

* No Re-entry of Data

* Limit Overtime


InfiniTime 7.0 is the only web based time clock that has the ability to connect terminals remotely with no software to install.

InfiniTime Online 7.0 can be yours today! 

There is nothing to download and nothing to ship! You can manage your labor directly from our remote website! 


Make it Better with Biometrics

InfiniTime Online 7.0 gives you functionality you can't get anywhere else. Other companies limit the use of time clock terminals when using a hosted solution. 

At Inception Technologies we think outside the norms of the Time & Attendance industry. In the spirit of innovation we now offer the capability of adding biometric clocks to your complete solution with no additional software to install. 

InfiniTime Online 7.0 can actually communicate with any of our biometric solutions at your companies location simply by assigning the terminal a static IP address. 

If your interested in adding a biometric terminal to your InfiniTime Solution send us an email or call today. We offer both finger print and hand geometry terminals which offer the highest security and eliminate buddy punching. 


For convenience, you can download a PDF brochure for InfiniTime Online. Just right click on the link below and select "Save Target As"