Why invest in InfiniTime 7.0?

* Save Time & $$$$

* Increase Productivity

* Real-Time Polling

* Auto Calculation

* Reduce Time Theft

* Track Benefits

* Crystal Reports

* Auto Email Reports

* Store Personnel Files

* Role Based Security

* Spot Trends/Patterns

* Free Payroll Export

* No Re-entry of Data

* Limit Overtime


InfiniTime 7.0 is the only web based time clock that has the ability to connect terminals remotely with no software to install.

InfiniTime Online 7.0 can be yours today! 

There is nothing to download and nothing to ship! You can manage your labor directly from our remote website! 


Add Employees

Many companies including Inception Technologies base their prices on employee count. However, many of those companies only sell in blocks of 15-25 employees. 

So if your company needed to add just one employee you would have to buy 15-25. This can cost your company hundreds of dollars. 

As an InfiniTime Online 7.0 user, we offer you the ability to purchase as many employees as you need, even if it's just one! If at anytime you need to purchase more employees, you can do it online!. 

We even give you the option to remove employees... and we'll even pro-rate it! 

The benefit of paying monthly is that you can control what your paying. And with automatic credit card payments, you don't even have to call in to order or make payment. With our online purchasing you can do it all from your computer! 

It's just one more way InfiniTime Online 7.0 helps you manage your money better.




For convenience, you can download a PDF brochure for InfiniTime Online. Just right click on the link below and select "Save Target As"