Why invest in InfiniTime 7.0?

* Save Time & $$$$

* Increase Productivity

* Real-Time Polling

* Auto Calculation

* Reduce Time Theft

* Track Benefits

* Crystal Reports

* Auto Email Reports

* Store Personnel Files

* Role Based Security

* Spot Trends/Patterns

* Free Payroll Export

* No Re-entry of Data

* Limit Overtime


InfiniTime 7.0 is the only web based time clock that has the ability to connect terminals remotely with no software to install.

InfiniTime Online 7.0 can be yours today! 

There is nothing to download and nothing to ship! You can manage your labor directly from our remote website! 


Dynamic Scheduling

InfiniTime 7.0 eliminates all the headaches when it comes to creating schedules. Not only does the scheduling interface give you the ability to drag and drop, it also offers flex time, floating time, rotating schedules, even shift differentials. And viewing schedules has never been easier. Switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views with drop down options.   

Moreover, we have integrated dynamic scheduling with the internal messaging module. When an employee requests time off or a schedule change, a manager can instantly deny or allow the request which makes the necessary schedule changes automatically! 

With our 4 level schedule hierarchy, you can apply schedules to policies, shifts, departments, or individual employees. 

We make it even easier to make schedules using the quick schedule utility. Copy daily schedules quickly, enter military time, there's even a valid date category. 

And of course you can filter by employee, date range, department, group, exceptions, pay type and pay method!

Scheduling has never been so easy! 

Screenshot #1    Menu Location

Screenshot #2    Time Off Request

Screenshot #3    Schedule Change Request

Screenshot #4    Schedule Change Approved



For convenience, you can download a PDF brochure for InfiniTime Online. Just right click on the link below and select "Save Target As"