Why invest in InfiniTime 7.0?

* Save Time & $$$$

* Increase Productivity

* Real-Time Polling

* Auto Calculation

* Reduce Time Theft

* Track Benefits

* Crystal Reports

* Auto Email Reports

* Store Personnel Files

* Role Based Security

* Spot Trends/Patterns

* Free Payroll Export

* No Re-entry of Data

* Limit Overtime


InfiniTime 7.0 is the only web based time clock that has the ability to connect terminals remotely with no software to install.

InfiniTime Online 7.0 can be yours today! 

There is nothing to download and nothing to ship! You can manage your labor directly from our remote website! 


The Interactive Timecard

The addition of interactivity in timecards saves business professionals time and money. While the introduction of automated electronic time clocks has reduced the amount of time it takes to review and edit time cards... it's not as easy and quick as it should be. 

InfiniTime 7.0 offers a newer and easier way to review and edit time cards. The InfiniTime 7.0 Interactive Timecard feature doesn't just tell you the dates, times and exceptions... it also tells you what you are able to do with exceptions... with one click of the right mouse button.

When was the last time you could right click on a webpage and get a menu full of functionality? Probably never, as most page loaded Web 1.0 technology doesn't offer this technology. Our programmers have perfected the code and the result is a highly productive tool to help you and your organization to save money! 

Another way the new timecard editor saves you time is with color coded entry fields, color coded exceptions and integrated calendar selector.

 Click here to see a screen shot of the timecard editor



For convenience, you can download a PDF brochure for InfiniTime Online. Just right click on the link below and select "Save Target As"